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My passion for plants began while exploring the aromatic herbs in our yard as a small child. While a student at UCSC in 1987, I took my first formal herb class with Christopher Hobbes which opened up the whole world of herbal medicine. A spark was ignited and while working in the culinary scene in Berkeley after graduation, I knew I had to follow my heart and enroll in the California School of Herbal Studies in Forestville, CA. I began my tea business Flower Power Teas in 1990, as a final project from the herb school which combined my love of plants with my passion for cooking. I have been selling teas worldwide ever since. 

    I have been the tea brewer (Tea Mistress) for the Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium since its inception in 1991. I formulate and brew 40-60 gallons of tea per meal for an amazing gathering of women coming together 3 times a year to learn from one another. The gathering has been a constant source of love, community, connection, awe, inspiration and healing for many plant loving women in California. 

    I began manufacturing a line of herbal extracts in the early 90's called Harvest Moon—one of the pioneers of the bulk herbal extract market—which features 25+ single extracts plus a handful of formulas for specific wellness goals. They are primarily sold in bulk exclusively in Santa Cruz, California, under the Flower Power label.

   I have also been the bulk herb buyer at the Herb Room in Santa Cruz, CA since the early 1990’s (taking an extended break or two to have a first kid and then a second). I buy all of the Western, Chinese, Ayurvedic herbs and teas (well over 300), plus the essential oils for the store. Working at the Herb Room has connected me to the greater Santa Cruz community. I love helping people connect with plants! 

   I am still passionate about connecting people with plants in their health choices, in the garden, in the kitchen and in the wild. I love our earth and strive to have a small impact on the planet in my life and in my business.When I am not playing with plants, I can be found fermenting food, baking bread, dancing, bee keeping, swimming, gardening and being with my family. Enjoy!

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