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CBD Extracts

"I have had sleep issues most of my life, but in the past year they became very extreme. On a good night, I slept 2-4 hours; otherwise I was up overthinking. This affected my productivity, emotional equanimity, and overall health. A friend suggested I try Julie's products, and within a week of using her CBD Sleep Formula, I was falling asleep easily and when I did wake up in the middle of the night, I was able to calmly fall back asleep. The formula definitely helped calm my mind and my nervous system, so that I could access restful sleep. Thanks, Julie!"


"I work from home and am a caregiver to my mom at the same time. The CBD Calm Spray works soooo well to bring my stress level down! CBD Sleep gives me a solid night's sleep with nice dreams to boot. Thank you!"



"Julie's teas are so well balanced...I equate them to a fine wine. Each mindfully selected blend embodies the essence of each herb while offering a comprehensive medicinal elixer that satisfies my needs and soul. As someone in support of the farm-to-table movement Flower Power teas offer me the opportunity to brew a cup of purposefully blended herbs that I know are grown with the greatest concern for the Earths well- being and thus my own. 

My favorite everyday blend is Relax and Digest. Cold or hot brew—Flower Power delivers all year round...I feel so blessed to have discovered this tea company!

(I give her gorgeous packaged tea as gifts all the time as special).

Thank you, Julie Rothman."


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