A handcrafted blend of organic Eastern and Western herbs and CBD promotes a healthy inflammatory response in the body and supports the musculoskeletal system for minor aches and pains


  • Proprietary extract blend of whole plant CBD*, Corydalis root, Meadowsweet leaf*, fresh California Poppy flowering tops*, Kava root*, Ginger rhizome*, Turmeric root* and Frankincense resin*.

    Other ingredients: MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil)*, grain and/or cane alcohol*,  (25-35% alcohol by volume), water, vegetable glycerin*, sunflower lecithin, and essential oil of orange.*


  • Shake well before using. Spray 6 pumps (1ml) directly under tongue or as directed 3-5x daily. 
    6 pumps of extract equals 10 mg of CBD.


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